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Increased Consumption Needed for Australian Wine to Reclaim China

With the cancellation of tariffs on Australian wine, Australian producers are hoping for a comeback in China. Until 2020, about 40% of the value of Australian wine exports went to China. At the same time Australia accounted for about 40% of the value of all Chinese wine imports. However, even before the de-facto import ban imposed on Australian wine, both imports and wine consumption were declining. For Australian producers to regain the lost market share, Chinese consumers are going to have to start drinking more wine.

China and Australia – Mutually Dependent Trading Partners?

China is by far Australia’s most important trading partner. Dependence on China has increased and not decreased. Australia draws around 30% of its imports from China, up from about 21% in 2013. On the export side, China’s share of the value of Australian exports has fluctuated between 34% to 44% over the last 10 years. Most of that is driven by iron ore exports. This article looks at the trading relationship and mutual dependence between Australia and China.

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